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The adventure begins on the continent of Faerûn; your world is known as Toril.

The Order

You’re a part of a joint-task force called The Order, from 3 different guilds: The Emerald Enclave, The Order of the Gauntlet, and The Lords’ Alliance. The Order was formed to combat a recent rise in disorder: villages are being attacked under sovereign protection, barbarians are invading lord’s keeps, etc. This has been attributed to a lack of order, a lack of law enforcement to keep the chaos in check.

The Order is small, in it’s early stages of development. There isn’t a standard for ranks yet, so as a group you can decide who will lead the group. As a group, you are being noticed by the higher “ranking” members of the task force, and being sent on more important missions. Now that your group is more battle-seasoned and going into more risky missions, Wilkas will stay at HQ to do important research.

Creating a character

To create a character, reference this page

Main Page

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