Char Creation


You’ll be starting at the current level of the group.


For stats you can choose to use any system, they all have their pros and cons, eg point buy is more custom but limits the maximum, array ensures a consistent balance, and rolling gives you the highest possible stats but a chance for the lowest as well.

For the point-buy system, use 27 points, here is a calculator.

For the array system: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8.

For the rolling system, roll 4d6 and drop the lowest. Repeat 6 times.

For health, use your max hit die + con mod.


There isn’t a hard limit on races, but if it’s non-canon, consult me first.


I’m allowing any non-canon classes, but consult me first. If you want to create your own custom class, we can work together to create it. Alignment must be a form of good or neutral.


Choose a faction from here, starting at any renown at or below 10. If you choose a renown of 10, that makes you a rank 3 of your guild. You must come up with a secret mission you went on to earn that rank.



For starting gold: 5d10 x 10.


You may select 2 magic items of Uncommon or lower rarity from any 5e canon magic items. If you want to create your own magic items, use the guide in the DMG and consult me on the balancing. You may also add more items to your inventory, subtracting the cost from your starting gold.


You may select any non-magical (unless it is one of your 2 magic items above) armor pieces that cost less than 1000 gp and you are proficient in them.


Here is a link to the world you will reside in. Come up with a background that makes sense, given your relationships with the other players and your faction.

Char Creation

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